The Introduction

Are you looking for someone with the conversational skills to hold her own on at corporate events? Someone who can hold you close at night, and listen with heart? Or someone who can bring you a decadent, sensual, romantic experience that you’ll remember forever? Then you’ve arrived at the right spot.  They say I have a fun, youthful attitude but can also deliver that adult experience a girl in her 20’s or 30’s simply cannot. Is there anything sexier than confidence?

I have that sophisticated side, mixed with a sense of wonder, fun and a lust for life, travel & adventure (US Passport holder). I lead an active lifestyle but have a quiet, contemplative side too. All the while embodying a childlike curiosity and sense of wonder. I’ve been known to chase rainbows and butterflies. Would you like to join me on that beautiful path?

The Personal Facts

I am a college educated, former public relations executive and night club singer (piano bar anyone?)

I was raised by an English Major and Political Science Major who ran the list at Berlin Jazz Club in the 1940’s.

I have a wide variety of musical tastes. I can be at a Marilyn Manson concert one night and the Symphony the next.

I am a classically trained dancer and read music, though I will need a new piano should you decide you’d like to start hearing me play again. I dance well with a good lead, especially a waltz or gentle swing. However, I am from the disco and hip hop days so those are my best moves. I can probably two-step and line dance with some refresher courses as well.

My family is a family of debators and have some conservative notions of life. Yet, I must say I am lucky to have a family that is supportive of my role as a Dominatrix. (Pretty sure they are in an FLR to say the least!)

This site has two portions similar to me, two sides. I began this journey as a Dominatrix but I came to realize
that I still love the romantic , girlfriend type dates as well. So this site will inform you on both sides of me.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall in I am sure we will have a wonderful time when we meet. 

Public BDSM Tours of local dungeons for the curious

Physical Stats

Age 53
5 ft 4
137 ibs
Blonde hair
Blue eyes
All natural petite breasts
Trimmed Hair

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New address/location: Rodeo CA 94572

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