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Bow Down

You’ve wanted this forever. The feeling of being seen. Truly seen and not judged.
Your deepest desires, your hidden secrets, and your buried shame … no more

As you kneel before me all your fear melts away and gives in to delicious anticipation
Your dreams of being seduced, punished and protected by the Goddess are about to see the light of day. All you have to do is submit, bow down and cross the threshold.

Whatever your scene is, Goddess Justine wants to hear you tell her all about it !
Consenting adults can rarely go wrong, but they can use kink and BDSM in a transformative, exhilarating experience that can leave to discovery of one’s very essence.

I do not see age or body type as a factor and welcome couples and those with special needs.
My boundaries will be expressed in full, along with our intake appointment.

In short: I DO NOT provide the following vampire, blood, needle, electrical, medical or diaper play.
I may be able to refer you to a provider can help you though. Please don’t be shy about asking.

And please remember, I’m a real person with real empathy for other humans, even as I’m being a “sadist” and delivering pain.

I am kind, respectful and professional outside the bedroom, and so are you.
I have also been told I have a wicked sense of humor so be prepared for possible laughs and playfulness before, during or after our session.

Double Domme Auntie+Niece sessions with Acecaria & Domina Rouge of SF & Oakland CA.  

For fellow industry professionals: Justine is also the founder of the Fem Dom Salon, a support/discussion group. Please visit www.FemDomSalon.com for more and to request an invitation. 

Public BDSM Tours of local dungeons for the curious

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