I’ve been to Guadalajara, Bangkok, Ko Phi Phi Island, and will be visiting Paris in April “Je parle le Francais mais pa si bien que ca”. I can also be polite in Spanish.

My ideal date starts with a gourmet dinner. I prefer Farm to Table California cuisine, but love all types of food.

One of my favorite types is Southeast Asian. I also adore caviar, pate and live lobster. My favorite wine at the moment is any 2014 Central Coast Chardonnay. The drought did something amazing to that appellation and I want to enjoy it as much as possible for the next year(obviously white wine does not age well). Merlot is my favorite red.

Some of my favorite books include a Stranger in a Strange Land and Still life with Woodpecker. Some of the more important books I’ve read are The Ethical Slut, Feminist Porn and Veronica Monet’s Sex Secrets of Escorts. I am also a published poet, once in an anthology Puff Puff Pass III, and my own chapbook, Digging for Pony. You can find both of those on Amazon.

I like men of all sizes, shapes and ages. My friends call me Pansexual or Sapio-Sexual because I am attracted to intelligence.

I love sex of all sorts. Some with women as well. So if you are a couple reading this, don’t be afraid to reach out.

I love to experiment in the bedroom, but Queening, Body Worship, cunnilingus, analingus, and giving Golden Showers are huge turn on’s for me. I can also get quite turned on giving a man anal pleasure with my strap on or prostate massager. 

(legal notice , all things mentioned here are simply things I enjoy and like and are not contracted for in exchange for
donations of any type)

I like my lovers to be kind, intelligent, open minded and fun.

Heavy drinking, hard drugs and cigarettes are a big turn off. However, I do love to smoke concentrates(dabs) and a little  420 flowers too. Yes cannabis has some medicinal qualities and I take CBD’s but honestly, I like the relaxed high. Just like  enjoying a glass of wine.

I started out as a professional dominatrix but realized simple love making was something I still enjoyed too. I admire men who come to me with this simple need. Most of them are in lonely, empty marriages, or they are too busy with work to experience intimacy. Every human needs human touch and passion.

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