Etiquette & Rules

Safety and Compliance with Laws

During punishment or any other activity related to the Contract, the parties agree not to engage in any act or inflict any injury or harm which: not consented to; unlawful regardless of consent; and/or
3.results in any of the following: death, broken bones, loss of a distinct part or organ of the body, serious disfigurement, loss of mobility or function, incurable sexually transmitted diseases, permanent marks, burning of the body, permanent hair loss, drastic loss of circulations, internal bleeding, loss of consciousness and/or any permanent injury to health.

Safe Words

·Either party may use the following safewords at any time without criticism or punishment:
1.“Red” indicates the party’s physical, emotional, or moral boundary has been crossed and all activity must stop immediately.
2.“Yellow” indicates that the party is close to reaching their physical, emotional, or moral level of endurance and wishes to continue at a reduced level of intensity.
·When using gags, instead of safe words in clause 38, submissive may use the following signals:
shaking head three times.
·Once the safeword or safe signal referred to in clause 38 or 29, respectively, is used and play has ceased, Mistress shall discuss any breach with submissive in a tender and understanding manner.

Submissive’s Veto Power

·submissive may refuse to obey Mistress’ command where such command: unlawful or may cause unlawful injury or harm; deemed by submissive to be legitimately unsafe;
3.may cause severe detriment to submissive’s life, such as causing family tension or loss of work;
4.may cause psychological trauma to submissive; and/or agreed to be withdrawn by Mistress.

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